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Take a piece of Virginia with you. . .wherever you go!

The Mission of Virginia On The Go

is to increase the awareness of Virginia's culture and spread Love to Virginians (and beyond) wherever we go. 


Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia (RVA), Virginia On The Go uses our talents in videography and marketing to make connections and capture visual art of the most intellectual influencers, creative people, entertaining destinations, cities, products, and services on this side of the (mid) Atlantic! Wherever we go. . . we make sure to take a piece of Virginia's history, spirituality, education, culture, and/or entertainment with us!

The long term goals of this organization is to increase tourism traffic/sales revenue within the Commonwealth and market the viral successes of Virginia based talent, products and services to the masses. 


We use unique, marketing and promotional strategies via the "Street Loving in RVA" campaign to create an interactive awareness for the lovers and tourists of Richmond (Cap City), Tidewater region, Northern Virginia (NoVA), and Charlottesville (C'Ville) area! Honestly, most corporations wouldn't understand Street Loving in RVA's eclectic marketing techniques to promote Virginia tourism, but very humbly typing, we can share that part of its' success has been seen on commercial media outlets within Richmond, C'ville, NoVA, and Canada.

*(If you haven't already, check out the media page.)*

It's so much more that can be typed and/or expressed about our business, the Commonwealth of Virginia and its' culture, but the best way to sum up the message we want to convey to the masses is by 

quoting these memorable, Pharrell lines after the 2019 Something in the Water Festival wrapped up:

"It's Us. Ain't no Them. It's Really Us."









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